The Laundress


I love doing laundry. Nope, not a joke! I really do love doing laundry. It’s usually how I spend one night a week after my littles are fast asleep. I crack open a bottle of wine. Put on a movie and wash, dry, fold and repeat. Having the kids asleep is a must. If they’re awake while I’m doing laundry it’s pointless. However it does need to get done!

Recently, I came across this fantastic line The Laundress. It’s become my new BFF. It’s an eco-friendly line of detergent, fabric care and home cleaning. They offer non-toxic, no allergens, phthalates, phosphates, paraben’s or bleach. Also including all natural scents and colours. Made in New York, USA. Founded by two brilliant ladies Gwen and Lindsey. They decided to enter the world of advanced laundry care.

These ladies are dedicated to specifically designing each product to maintain stains and cleanliness for every kind of fabric without damage.Eliminating those dry cleaning bills and helping you launder those stains at home safely by teaching techniques and proper cleaning.


Just for Baby // The Laundress

Detergent– Gentle for little ones, yet tough on stains. Allergen free detergent formulated with colour guard to preserve frequently washed items.

Stain Solution– One drop of this powerful stain solution safely removes stubborn stains, old and new. Safe for all washable fabrics, white and colour.

Wash & Stain Bar– Designed to clean those out of reach stains tricky underarms or straps. Ideal for spot cleaning, hand washing and laundering on the go. Great for travel!

Fabric Fresh Spray– This non-toxic formula with anti-bacterial properties adds scent while removing door. Ideal for deodorizing car seats, strollers, diaper pails and toys.


I have learnt a lot by watching their youtube tutorials. I know, I’m a laundry nerd! But I love my clothes, I want to make sure they last a long time and love giving them some TLC. I highly recommend checking them out online and learning more about The Laundress. Visit their blog and Q&A on fighting the worst stains. It’s been a game changer for me. I no longer use bleach and I no longer throw clothes out because of stubborn stains. Makes me happy knowing that this product is chemical free and still works at fighting stains and cleaning our clothes the natural way!

The Laundress Website

The Laundress Instagram

The Laundress Facebook


Before Using Stain Solution 




Keisha xx

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