Mommy & Me | GAP Sevenoaks {Giveaway}

Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me Outfits | GAP SevenOaks Shopping Centre 

Not hard to tell that we are a couple of ladies who like to shop! Not only did we get to browse the newest selection offered at GAP in SevenOaks Shopping Centre we were able to put on a little fashion show and try pieces on. Our favourite pieces! Although looking back I realized all of us girls at the store and myself had a little more fun dressing up our diva. She was so cooperative so we kind of had to take advantage of it while we could! Continue reading “Mommy & Me | GAP Sevenoaks {Giveaway}”

Winter Wonderland | Union Jack Boots


Winter Wonderland | Union Jack Boots

The mountains always seem to be calling our names. We love living where we do surrounded by them! Every time winter comes we spot the snow on the mountain tops, and get really excited!! It truly does become a Winter Wonderland up high. In our area we don’t get as much snow as our family would like, but this year, well we got hit good! Still kind of are to… Continue reading “Winter Wonderland | Union Jack Boots”

Navy Is The New Black {New Year New Colour}

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Navy Is The New Black 

This feature was inspired by a local shop owner, when I visited her store to find the perfect little booties. She helped me search & advised me like any other friend or fashion adviser would. With one word she mentioned ‘Navy’, and that was it. I could not stop thinking about that one word… Continue reading “Navy Is The New Black {New Year New Colour}”

Cozy Up In Style {Smash+Tess}


Cozy Up In Style {Smash+Tess} 

Literally woke up like this…Monday mornings, we take it easy around here, especially today with this snowfall! Lounging around the house is what I wait for all week, being able to lounge in something comfy & stylish so I don’t feel like a complete bum all day is the BEST.  Continue reading “Cozy Up In Style {Smash+Tess}”

Giving Poverty The Boot | Roma Boots + GIVEAWAY


Giving Poverty The Boot | Roma Boots

Rain, rain, go away. When you live in the Lower Mainland, chances are you start singing this to yourself on more then one occasion! In the Fall/Winter seasons it rains here a lot. This is fine by me, but each year we’ve got to make sure we are equipped for the rain. It always seems to surprise us once that rain starts to come… Continue reading “Giving Poverty The Boot | Roma Boots + GIVEAWAY”

Comfortable & Classic Featuring Pink Blush | Giveaway


Comfortable & Classic Featuring Pink Blush | Giveaway

Thinking back my maternity style, I’d have to say that I got better each time around. But it was never this good! Yes, this dress, believe it or not is a maternity dress from Pink Blush Maternity Wear. Nope. Not pregnant. And yes I was a little sceptical about ordering a piece without being pregnant. I do love the looks, styles and the comfort part is an added bonus! The wonderful thing about Pink Blush is that you don’t have to be!! Continue reading “Comfortable & Classic Featuring Pink Blush | Giveaway”



JORD Wood Watches

Have you ever seen something so cool!? A watch completely made of wood! Watches have become my new obsession in accessories. I’ve been trying to make myself wear watches just a little bit more. I find the more I wear them the less I reach for my phone to check the time. We all know what that’s like. Once you check the time then you start to browse Facebook and somehow end up on Pinterest. Well, there goes a hour right there! Continue reading “JORD Watches & GIVEAWAY”