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Can you think of something so simple in life that has given you so much joy? For me, it’s those little moments that you think might turn out not so good but actually turn into the best memories! This was one of those nights, on a whim. Just meeting up with some friends Julie Christine PhotographyPosie and Pine & Floralie Photography collaborating and we found the most gorgeous little spot in Chilliwack, B.C! Continue reading “SIMPLE SUMMER NIGHTS”

Sunset On The Beach | D + K


Sunset On The Beach | D + K

Just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better. Drew, me & all of our friends jumped into four different vehicles & drove 20 minutes down the road to our home beach! Defiantly a night to remember. We never wanted it to end…  from what I was told it did around 1am!  Continue reading “Sunset On The Beach | D + K”

Our Ceremony | D+K


Our Ceremony | D + K 

Who do you think was the first to greet me before I walked down the aisle?? Well my sweet little Owen. I had chosen him to walk me down and give me away! He made my heart melt, the look on his face and his sweet words “Mommy, you look so pretty!”. We had to make one last pit stop before we go, the bright pink porta-potty! My mother in law is ah-mazing!  Continue reading “Our Ceremony | D+K”