Loving Your Skin with La Roche-Posay


Loving Your Skin with La Roche-Posay

All year long I struggle with dry skin, it isn’t just during winter days for this mama. Since I have recently hoped on the La Roche-Posay wagon, it’s been a thrill! I have tried a lot of different lotions over the years and many don’t stand the test when it comes to my overly sensitive eczema-prone skin. But Lipikar Body Lotion does the trick! Continue reading “Loving Your Skin with La Roche-Posay”

Mom Favourites At Queensborough Shopping Centre


Mom Favourites At Queensborough Shopping Centre

Yay for Mother’s Day! If you stuck looking for ideas for mom look no further than Queensborough Landing Centre. It’s heaven for all Mother’s including me! After visiting this shopping centre I kind of realized it’s perfect for not only what to buy mom but how to also spend time with her. Ella and I went for a date day shopping, eating & of course chocolate. This place totally makes for a special date day for any mom! Continue reading “Mom Favourites At Queensborough Shopping Centre”

But First, Coffee. {Bulletproof}


But First, Coffee. {Bulletproof}

This perfectly describes each morning for me. But first, Coffee. First I drink the coffee then I do the things. It’s the only vice I have & I enjoy it! Everyone in my home knows that mama loves her coffee! I creep down the stairs before any one else wakes up, and make a nice warm pot of coffee and enjoy it in peace before the chaos begins and our day gets started. Continue reading “But First, Coffee. {Bulletproof}”

Working & Breastfeeding With Medela


Working & Breastfeeding With Medela

This month marks one full year of being back to work. It’s been a busy year, but it also has been a really successful one. Looking back I of course feared the worst and the mom guilt of leaving Ella everyday scared me. Especially since I was still breastfeeding her! The adjustment went better then I had thought. Everyone smoothly found a routine back to me going to work, Owen at school & Ella starting daycare. It was not easy at first. Going from always being home to help out & be there for Owens school activities! I’ve gotta say though I’m very lucky to have such an amazing job that gives me a little freedom to also be there for my kids. Continue reading “Working & Breastfeeding With Medela”

Birdies | Slippers With Style


Birdies | Slippers With Style

As soon as I opened these beautiful slippers I knew it was love at first sight, you know that feeling almost to pretty to even wear!? Birdies Slippers are one of my FAVOURITES! Not only are they amazingly gorgeous but they are so comfortable to walk around in. These luxury slippers will have your feet in love in no time. With one slip into Birdies you’ll be hooked! I have my feet in The Blackbird with Quilted Lining. Continue reading “Birdies | Slippers With Style”

Family Is Everything


Family Is Everything

As our wedding day approaches, it certainly has Drew & I reminiscing back to those high school days. 2003, when it all began. That first day of Drivers Ed, I was 16 Drew was 18. I somehow got the last seat which just so happened to be right behind Drew. From that moment on he’s been bugging me ever since! Every so often during class he would turn around in his seat and pretend he needed help… To this day he still acts dumb! Continue reading “Family Is Everything”

Perfect Picnic & Best Friends


Perfect Picnic & Best Friends

A couple of months ago Ella & I were invited to Sarah’s lovely, no GORGEOUS river front home to spend an evening with the girls taking photos! Sarah is the talented maker behind Isn’t She Lovely. Which of course you have to check out, she makes beautiful little pieces for girls from recycled material! I’m always up for times like these, not only because it’s freaking adorable to dress them up but they also have such a great little friendship! Continue reading “Perfect Picnic & Best Friends”