A Day In Our Life.


A Day In Our Life. 

In all honesty, this should be titled A Day In Our Saturday Life. Our weekday life is a little more chaotic & unorganized. But instead of dragging you through our weekly chaos of work, soccer games, soccer practice, daycare, after school daycare, blog work & appointments in between. It’s hard to keep up some days, except for Saturdays. They are our days of somewhat resting. The days that we sort of sleep in & kind of do nothing while doing things all at the same time. If that makes sense!

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7 Things Being A Mother Has Taught Me

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7 Things Being A Mother Has Taught Me

I swear every so often when the times change, I do as well. With every child I evolve just a little more into the person I truly feel I’m meant to be. I honestly never thought that I’d have children, I wasn’t one to plan out my wedding day or having babies. I remember before kids just doing my thing and being me! That wasn’t going to be our life forever… Continue reading “7 Things Being A Mother Has Taught Me”

Grab & Go Mifold Booster {GIVEAWAY}


Grab & Go Mifold Booster {GIVEAWAY}

Now available at Canadian Tire!

This handy dandy little package is a portable booster seat! Cool right!? I knew this would be a perfect little car companion for Owen especially since he’s at that “Too cool for school” age and thinks he’s to grown up for a booster seat! And I totally understand that. But we still gotta play it safe! Continue reading “Grab & Go Mifold Booster {GIVEAWAY}”

Choosing The Right Diaper Bag + Giveaway


Choosing The Right Diaper Bag + Giveaway

I don’t even want to tell you how many diaper bags I’ve gone through between both kids. I had my fair share of them that’s for sure. I’ve gone through the old Winnie The Pooh classic diaper bag to the newly designed + hip mom bags! Diaper Bags sure have evolved over the years just like the many items you put inside of them. But choosing The Best Diaper Bag is almost even more difficult these days because there’s so much to choose from. Continue reading “Choosing The Right Diaper Bag + Giveaway”

Free To Be {WHEAT Kids Clothing}


Free To Be {WHEAT Kids Clothing}

If there’s one thing I want to teach my children is that they are Free To Be… Whom ever they want & to be whatever they would like, wearing anything they want! In Ella’s case it’s not always easy being a princess, but someones gotta do it right. What better way then in some fun, playful clothing by WHEAT! Dress up is her new favourite playtime activity. It’s the sweetest time watching her dress up & try it herself. Our Owen, well he’s just fine dressing in anything that’s comfortable and ‘Cool’. Continue reading “Free To Be {WHEAT Kids Clothing}”

Sharing Our Love For Simply Merino


Sharing Our Love For Simply Merino

Nothing is more cozy then cuddling up with two little ones in comfy, soft jimmies. I always  love that feeling of dressing them up before bed or like today a SNOW DAY! Which is why when I discovered Simply Merino I fell in love. Made from 100% New Zealand Merino Wool & manufactured in Canada based in Vancouver. Continue reading “Sharing Our Love For Simply Merino”

Holiday Gifts For The Family


Holiday Gifts For The Family

It’s that time of the year again. Where we all ask our loved ones what they would like for Christmas! Over the years I’ve been trying my best to find some top items that everyone enjoys and are also supporting small buisness’s. I’m a little bit tired of buying ‘ok’ items just to put under the tree! That being said I have done a little digging up and resourcing great shops that offer nice, thoughtful gifts that the whole family will love!  Continue reading “Holiday Gifts For The Family”