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I’m so excited for todays feature as part of ‘Momspiration’. On a daily I’m blown away by some really amazing moms that I meet. This duo Krystin and Joanna are probably the coolest & funniest moms I’ve ever met, on social media that is…

These ladies are the creators of Smith&Junie Blog and it is the most real, raw and laugh out loud hilarious blog. I started following them randomly a while back when we first connected over Instagram. Have you ever had that feeling when you meet someone, that it feels like it was for good reason, your paths crossing! I love to meet new moms near and far, and when you find someone who has the same interest, life with kids & sense of humour it’s a total extra bonus! You will definitely enjoy following these ladies and you HAVE to check out their Instagram filled with gorgeous pictures of them and their sweeties Smith & Junie!


Q&A with Smith&Junie (Krystin & Joanna):

How Did Smith&Junie Come To Be?

Well, we were friends and neighbours and we ended up having our kids just 5 days apart. The bond we grew through sharing the realness of being a new mom with each other was so intense because we never seemed to see that in social media. It always looks so perfect! That made us feel bad about ourselves as women and mothers. It took the realness and truth of our friendship to realize that social media lies and that we’re all going through something. We wanted to start a blog to show new moms that it’s ok if you aren’t perfect or the same as other moms. Sometimes you just need to read or see something on social media that makes you say “Ok, I’m normal!” Our blog will make you feel that!

How Long Have You Been Bloggin’ Mamas?

We started our blog 9 months ago and never really wrote before then. You can tell in our poor grammar and lack of word choice that we’re no professionals! (But please keep reading!) lol

What Do You Enjoy The Most About Blogging?

Jo- I love the way Krystin writes. She’s so funny and a lot of times I’ll tell her a story and she’ll put it into words for our blog! I love reading her posts.

Krystin- I actually really love our blog. I would totally follow and read it even if I didn’t write it! I love that we’re real and raw and not afraid to say things like vagina and shit balls and fuck. It makes writing so much more fun because it’s not filtered. What you read is exactly how we would tell you the story face to face!

How Do You Find Inspiration?

I mean our kids are the inspiration and the backbone of Smith&Junie because, well they ARE Smith and Junie. The roller coaster of emotions they take us on is so incredibly interesting. We know so many moms are going through the same ups and downs as us and they keep us inspired to write because we want to make them laugh and feel like they aren’t alone.

Favourite Mom Moments?

Krystin- I think my favourite moments are when Joanna and I make our husbands watch our kids so we can sneak off like a school girl climbing out of her window to go to a party. But instead of school girls were 2 mombies. And instead of sneaking off to a party were sneaking off to get a pedicure and an extra strong coffee where we have an actual chance to sit and chat as girlfriends and not just moms. It’s then that we really miss our babies and are reminded how much we love being mothers. And the fresh pedi doesn’t hurt;)

Not So Fun Mom Moments?

Jo- haha…ummm 2am. It’s never fun to be a mom at 2am!

Fun Fact About You!

The craziest thing about us is that we have a scary amount of things in common. We’re friends, neighbours, aestheticians, have kids 5 days apart, husbands that work in the same industry, have matching bulldogs, obsessively drink almond milk lattes and most days show up wearing unintentional matching outfits. Sometimes we’ll send each other a random text message at a random time saying the exact same random thing. It’s a trip. We’re so lucky to have each other on the most intense, demanding, hard and yet insanely gratifying journey!

Be Sure To Follow Along Smith&Junies Journey

Smith&Junie Blog

Smith&Junie Instagram




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