Leading Moms 2015

Leading Moms//September 25, 2015


This year I’m honoured to be attending the 2015 Leading Moms Event as a Blog Ambassador and mom! This is an annual event hosted by Vancouver Mom held in Vancouver, B.C. It features inspiring stories from amazing mothers who are making a difference in the world!

We all need to find something that helps inspire us and get us motivated. Something that keeps us reminded of why we do what we do, why we strive to be the best. For me, its the uplifting feeling I have when I hear stories from other mothers. To feel motivated and inspired knowing that you’re not the only one experiencing struggles. You’re not the only one out there with a “to do list” a mile long. I’ll feel like I’ve met my goal if I can take home even just one thing from this event, one thing to have as a daily reminder to keep me going! Because each great day starts with you and your great littles!


I can’t wait to enjoy a day filled with amazing moms and lunch all while taking advantage of the Free daycare thats offered for this event by Kids Company. Be sure to join in on September 15, 2015, Leading Moms is hosting a Twitter party with prizes to be won!


Keynote speakers include

  • Mi-Jung Lee, CTV News Investigator/Reporter/Anchor
  • Alexandra T. Greenhill,  Physician Tech.CEO
  • Samantha Reynolds,  Poet and Award Winning Story Teller
  • Jessie Farell, Juno and CCMA Recording Artist
  • Bonnie Foley-Wong, Pique Venture Management
  • Amy Robinson, LOCO BC
  • Tara Hungerford, Award Winning Filmmaker
  • Morgane Oger, Leader in Social Change


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Keisha xx