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I love, love, love when I get the chance to meet fellow mama bloggers. It is such an inspiration to hear their stories and how they started. It’s a thrill to learn more about them and find out that you to have the same things in common. Michelle, from Just An Ordinary Family, was definitely one of the best to get to know. I was so honoured when she reached out to work together on a little something. Because in all honesty this is one of the many reasons why I started. Bringing moms and women together from all over. To have a common ground, to feel loved and supported!

Michelle grew up in Abbotsford, BC and currently resides in Ladner, BC with her husband and two sweet little girls. She is a busy mama by day and blogger at night. Michelle started her venture during a time in her life when writing was most needed, her greatest joy was to write. In January 2015 she created Just An Ordinary Family as a family and lifestyle blog. Incorporating her every day and focusing on women who are entrepreneurs. Two things that mean the most to her. Michelle’s blog became her creative outlet and showing you the world of mothering through her eyes. She likes to keep it fun, pretty and authentic! In that case you will see of course the dirty dishes, laundry piled high, tantrums and tickles!

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Juggling everyday life and a blog can be tricky. She is a master of multi-tasking and gets through it day by day. When the inspiration hits, the notebooks and phone comes out. When the littles are in bed, mama will write. I always have a fun time getting inside the mind of another mom. I think a small piece of us all do. For myself, I like knowing that I’m not alone. I’m not the only one thinking what I am. I’m not the only one having crazy days and nights. I like knowing that the struggles I face are the same as every other mom out there. Below you’ll find some fun Mom Life Questions & Answers with Michelle. Enjoy!


What Are Your Favourite ‘Mom’ Moments?

I don’t think I could pick just one! My favourite moments are those sweet little ones, when your kids say I Love You, that I’m the best or give you slobbery kisses. Those I just love. One that comes to mind that could defiantly go in my top 3. When my second daughter was just a few days old and my daughter and I were bathing her in the sink. My oldest was using a warm cloth to rub the baby’s head and she had this look of intense love in her eyes. As she was looking down at her baby sister she said, “Mama, Jane is the perfect fit for our family.” Melts my heart.


Your Guilty ‘Mom’ Pleasure?

I don’t know if it’s a mom pleasure necessarily, but I LOVE Christmas. I have reeled it in a bit, waiting until November to watch Christmas movies and decorate. But one thing I can’t give up is the Christmas music. I start playing it in the summer! I can’t help it if it makes me happy. If I have had a stressful day and just need to give my mind a break I turn on some happy Christmas tunes. I love the classics like Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby, but my all time favourite christmas CD is by James Taylor. That one stays in my car!


Do You Have Any Advice For Mom’s Who Are Having Just An Off Day?

Ask for help! Take even 5 minutes to yourself. Whether that is sitting down and scrolling through Instagram, hiding in the bathroom to take some deep breaths or stepping out the front door for 30 seconds of fresh air. Give yourself a break. And honestly, the TV gets a bad rap, but when you are on the brink of freaking out, can you honestly say that putting on a show for kids is worse than a mom that is about to snap? That 22 minutes can be a real lifesaver.


Describe A Perfect ‘Day Cation’ Alone?

I would defiantly sleep in. I don’t love eating first thing in the morning, but I’d stay in bed with a latte and read a magazine or just relax until I woke up. Then I’d probably have a hot shower, get something light for breakfast and go shopping downtown. Then I would head to a spa and do a whole afternoon. Facials, massages, steam rooms, pedicures. Total pampering. Realistically by that point I’d miss my kids and want to go home to see them!

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