I feel so fortunate everyday when I think back to the birth of my two littles. Each one filled with more and more love. Each of them helped me grow into the women and mother I am today. Neither one could have been here today without the help of my doctor and midwife. Owen was delivered by a doctor and Ella I choose a midwife. Choosing a midwife the second time around was an easy decision. I’d heard many excellent things about them. They are not just for the hippy/granola types. Midwives are more modernized these days and do the same as a doctor minus invasive surgeries.

Midwives are experts in healthy pregnancies and childbirth. Offering primary maternal care from pregnancy, labour, birth and follow their patients up to 6 weeks postpartum. They’re able to write out prescriptions, order tests and talk results. Most of the time they try to find natural solutions before prescribing which is always a good thing. Midwives help with breastfeeding training and trouble shooting and adjusting to life after a new baby. You have an option to deliver at home or a hospital, either way you still have your midwife by your side supporting you and your decisions.

Since moving to the lower mainland I’ve had a hard time first finding a doctor and second building a relationship with one. When you’re pregnant you want someone extra special to help guide you. With hormones, changing body and mood swings you already have a hard enough time. You don’t want to feel like a burden or uncomfortable discussing things with a doctor who’s not personal. Choosing a midwife or doctor can sometimes be a difficult decision. Theres a lot you need to take into consideration.

Through my labour and delivery with Owen I had an amazing doctor. We had the best bond. His delivery had a few minor complications but they were all bearable. But things that I know now could have been done differently to prevent them. Long story short.. I had to have an epidural, several hours of straight pushing to eventually result in a episiotomy and stitches. Not complain at all; my labour with him could have been worse! But because of how exhausted I was and busy my labour room became, I felt a sense of guilt. Guilt because I remember passing in and out of consciousness not being able to fully feel present and in the moment. It felt more like a dream.

I had the pleasure of meeting two different midwives at my clinic, Heather and Joy. They were a perfect fit and it felt great getting to know each one. Each visit I always had my questions answered fully. I never felt rushed and I never felt like a burden or out of place. I was always greeted with warm welcomes!

Heather was my baby catcher! We left for the hospital at 3pm and she made her grand entrance at 8pm. My water eventually broke naturally and I didn’t have to worry about an epidural episiotomy or stitches which made for a fast recovery. I had just my midwife, Drew and one nurse in the room with me. I always felt like my decisions and what I wanted to do was put into consideration and she talked me through it all. Helping me feel in control of the situation. Heather stayed close to me the entire time and made me feel comfortable…considering! I will always feel such empowerment at the thought that I got to help pull Ella out. Yes, as soon as her head, arms and shoulders were out I was able to pull her on top of me. I will never forget that moment and how much it meant to me as a mom and a women!

One of the best parts after giving birth, you are home and you’re settled. Your midwife makes visits to your home. For the first few visits she comes to you and then you of to her. After 6 weeks you’re in the care of your family doctor. Its the best feeling knowing you don’t have to leave your home right after baby for what is normally just a quick checkup.

Whether you choose a midwife or doctor you are going to have a health happy baby and you yourself will feel overjoyed in the end. I will always hold on the the memories. I now have two beautiful children to show for all that hard work and pain. I will always have appreciation and gratitude for midwives. Heather and Dr. Klopper will always be a part of me, Owen and Ella. They will always be a part or our story.

Here is a link to the British Columbia Midwives Association to help guide you:


Also if you have time to read more; visit Ina May Gaskin website. She’s a midwife who advocates safe, woman-centred childbirth methods that promote physical and mental health for mom and baby.


And if your a fan or TED Talks, which I love watching. This is her video on Reducing Fear of Birth:

Keisha xx

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