House Box


Who doesn’t love to get goodies sent straight to your door? Better yet safe, natural and lovely goodies for the home and you! House Box gives you just that. It’s a subscription service that ships new products to you bi-monthly for a low cost of $21.95.

The best think about House Box is that they select products that are non-toxic and Canadian made. You’ll receive 5 or more sample items that include household cleaners, non-perishable consumables, unique household items and more!

I had the pleasure of opening my own December 2015 box, and I’ve gotta admit it was fun to dig in and experience new-to-me products! Sometimes it feels good to mix things up and subscribing to House Box is a great way to try new products and to discover new things in our beautiful Country!

Lunatec Odour Free Dishcloths

These fancy little dishcloths stay odour free and carry way less bacteria then normal dishcloths. Scrubbing pots and pans is a breeze with this baby and it easily washes away food debris.

Lunatec Website

Essential 8 Organic All-Purpose Cleaner

Safe and non-toxic, it’s made with pure citrus essential oils. Smells great and safe to use for the whole family.

Essential 8 Website

The Great Canadian Soap Co.

Perfect for dry, cracked skin. Works great on eczema. Made with Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils.

The Great Canadian Soap Co. Website


Orange Peeler!! No joke, but my family has been desperately wishing for one of these for ages. A little blast from the past!

Tupperware Website

Tea Pigs

Because who doesn’t love a fresh, full tasting, relaxing cup of tea. These blends are amazing!

Tea Pigs Website


Make sure to sign up today and get your first box 25% OFF!!


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Keisha, xx




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