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Back To Sports | Bravo Apparel + Storm Tech

I guess since it’s back to school, it’s back to all of those other extra school activities. For us  it’s sports! Our little 8 year old is a sports fanatic. He loves just all about all of them his favourites of course soccer & floor hockey. Owen likes to keep busy! Although time slips away from us we all manage to keep up with some sports if it’s not on a team then it’s usually at leisure! 

This fall the family was able to take advantage of the talented work over at Bravo Apparel, a local company based out of Surrey, B.C that custom embroiders just about anything on just about anything! They customize in embroidering for companies, schools, sports teams etc. They partner with the highest quality brands to bring to you the best. Not only do they offer embroidering but as well as hand screen printing for tees & uniforms. Offering product satisfaction!

Owens loving his windbreaker with his name embroidered on the side, makes him feel like a real stud out there playing his game! With Bravo Apparel they work with you to help you find the best in what your looking for. From the detail of prints & clothing! They have a passion for perfection. If your school, work or team is on the hunt for apparel & uniforms check Bravo Apparel out & see what they have to offer… HERE!






To find out more what this little video from Bravo Apparel…


Keisha Lynne, xx