5 Ways To Prevent Overeating | Malika Smith

Brought to you today is a very informative guest post by my dear friend Malika Smith. She is a mom, foodie and certified nutrition health coach. Malika is also the blogger behind Everything’s Better Sprouted. Follow along her journey showing you the importance of good, healthy living! Below she’s written tips to help you prevent overeating this holiday!

5 Ways To Prevent Overeating This Holiday Season | Malika Smith

Xmas party food

We all know that Christmas is just around the corner and that usually means lots of Christmas parties and extra treats around the house! I’m not of the mentality of depriving yourself, but I do think we all get a bit carried away over this holiday season, myself included. I thought it might be helpful and a good reminder that we don’t need to over eat at every holiday event and be upset come January that we gained 5 pounds over Christmas! So I’m going to share a few easy tricks to avoid overindugling this year.

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  • Alcohol plays a major roll over the holiday season. Each drink or glass of wine you consume contains more calories then you think, so try to limit your intake to less then 2 per party. You are also more inclined to overindulge in foods you might have steered clear of after a few too many drinks!
  • Eat What You Love. There are always so many food options at parties, but if you just indulge in the treats that you really love and eat them in moderation, you will be on the right track. We sometimes get caught up in the ‘It’s only once a year’ mentality at the treat table and end up taking one of everything. Instead, just stick to the treats that really make you happy. Then you can enjoy them guilt free.
  • Eat Healthy At Home. When you are at home during the week, eat as healthy as possible. Don’t make everyday a holiday treat! I find eating a big healthy dinner before you head out to a party will help you from overeating at the event.
  • Exercise. Just because it’s Christmas time and you have more special events then usual, doesn’t mean you should skip your workout routine. Make time for yourself to wind down and de-stress at that yoga class. The holiday season can get stressful and working out is a great way to relieve some of that energy. You are also less likely to overeat if you just spend an hour working hard at the gym.
  • Drop The Guilt. If you love gingerbread cookies or a nice glass of eggnog, enjoy it. Studies have proven that you are more likely to gain weight if you feel guilty after you have indulged in your favourite treats. Stress is also known to cause you to gain weight, so eat your treat without judgement, just stick to one and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

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11402793_10155672857870697_9102520769914386641_oMeet Malika she is the blogger behind Everything’s Better Sprouted. A mother, foodie and certified integrative nutrition health coach. She’s passionate about eating real whole food that tastes good! It’s hard to know what is and isn’t good for you with all the fad diets these days, Malika uses her blog to help guide and inspire you to live your healthiest life. To learn more about Everything’s Better Sprouted, hop over to the Website & find her blog on social media: FacebookInstagramTwitter & Pinterest! You can also contact Malika via email at malika@everythingsbettersprouted.com

Malika Smith

Health Coach and Wellness Blogger



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