What to Wear.

What to wear. What to wear. That is the question I ask myself on a daily basis pacing in my closet. Some mornings it really is a struggle to actually put effort into my clothing choices. It’s easy for me everyday to get my littles into clean, cute adorable clothes. But when it comes to myself… The struggle is real.

With an ever changing post baby body and messy children I usually throw whatever fits on and good to go. But honestly I love to occasionally dress up!! Lately I’ve come to find that basics are best and easy. Key word! I’ve fallen in love with graphic tees, my “go to’s” right now. They’re comfy and stylish. Throw on some cute jewelry and you’re set to go. Whether your dressing up or down, all you need is one great statement piece and your set.


My newest obsession is with my new purchase from Cake for Breakfast.

This top I knew I wanted the moment I saw it, and the fact that it feels like HEAVEN is a added bonus! They offer lots of different, affordable styles.

Visit them at….



Shirt: Cake for Breakfast

Pants: Garage

Sandals: American Eagle

Necklace: Stella & Dot Somervell

Earrings: Stella & Dot Studs

Photo creds: Katie Boutilier

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