Chilliwack’s First BBQ & Corn Fest


Chilliwack’s First BBQ & Corn Fest

If there are three things that come to mind when you think about Chilliwack, it’s usually the mountains, the weather & the corn. I remember when we first moved to this little/big city everyone would tell us how amazing the corn is, well it it! Every summer I start to crave it knowing that the fresh corn season is around the corner! This year Chilliwack will be celebrating it’s first BBQ & Corn Fest. WARNING: Should not read if hungry…

It’s new and it’s celebrating some of the best known food and drink of Chillwack, coming to Prospera Centre July 29th & 30th. With some of the sponsors being Produce Gone Wild,  Johnstons, Hofstedes, Cheam Trading Post & Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry. Many of these places we like to get our groceries from so they are familiar to us & offer some of the best quality in produce and meat.

You’ll find things there for the whole family to enjoy as well as some delicious home grown food from finger licking baby back ribs to tender organic chicken and fresh caught sockeye salmon to pulled pork sandwiches and scrumptious Chilliwack Corn on the cob. The BBQ and corn fest offers something for most every taste. The family friendly event also features local brews and wine plus all day music featuring many of the Fraser Valley’s favourite local bands. For the kids face-painting, games, balloons and the extremely popular Ever After Princess Party. That Local Market will also be popping up with some local venders!

It’s a FREE event thats brought to you with the feel of creating community bonds and sharing the goodness that comes from Chilliwack makes me proud to call this area home! Our family will of course be there enjoying it and would love to see you, we wouldn’t ever want to turn down some delicious home grown, home cooked food!

thumbnail_corn roast 262x218 flat colour.jpg

Chilliwack BBQ & Corn Fest

Location: Chilliwack Prospera Centre, 45323 Hodgins Ave.

Time: 11 am – 8 pm

Date: Saturday July 29th & 11 am – 8 pm Sunday July 30th

Some things on the menu….

Ribs (Johnston’s Finest Ribs) – Apple wood smoked over an open fire pit with sweet Kansas City style sauce: $15
Chicken (Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry) Free Range Organic Prime – Apple wood smoked over an open fire pit with sweet Kansas City style sauce: $15
Accompaniment: Pit-style pork & beans cooked below the ribs plus creamy coleslaw and 1/2 corn on the cob

Sockeye Salmon (WILD | LOCAL | FAIR TRADE ): $15
Accompaniment: Authentic bannock and 1/2 corn on the cob

Pulled Pork Sandwich – With sweet and tangy sauce, topped with shredded cabbage and classic coleslaw dressing and corn on the cob: $10

Vegetarian Meal: Full cob of corn, pit-style beans and coleslaw: $10

Extra Meat (your choice): $8
Extra Corn on the Cob (with butter): $2



Photography | Rebecca Lynn Photography

Keisha Lynne, xx



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