That Local Market Celebrating Canada’s 150th


That Local Market Celebrating Canada’s 150th

It’s finally Summer, we can all jump & shout HOORAY! Bring on the warm weather & best part, local markets. One in particular That Local Market. Our family has a lot of appreciation for local farmers & markers, especially to those that make markets like this happen for our community. The hard work and organizing that goes into making things like this flourish for our city is so wonderful!

You can visit The Local Market every Saturday from now until September 9th, 9am-2pm at Central Community Park in Chilliwack, B.C. You’ll be able to find all sorts of neat things like produce & baked goods, handmade pieces like jewelry & prints. Just about everything can be found here because this market loves to support local farmers and are always looking for new vendors! So if your interested in being apart of these events please contact them today to learn more…

This Saturday July 1st a very exciting much larger market will be taking place to celebrate our beautiful Country turning 150! It’s actually the perfect set up, we love staying in Chilliwack to celebrate Canada Day & this year we’ll be able to let the kids play and Drew & I can shop while watching them. Then once it turns dark enjoying the fireworks all in the same area! So easy! Join in on the fun this Saturday July 1st at Townsend Park 11am-4pm with 30 different vendors.

Keep in touch with That Local Markets calendar for every Saturday they will have set up different fun family things to do & see. Keep up to date with giveaways & photos! Head on over to my Instagram & Enter To Win $50 market cash to spend this Saturday at the Canada Day market and treat yourself to some goodies!!




Where |

Townsend Park Wolfe Rd, Chilliwack

When |

Saturday July 1st

Time |


Canada Day Tees | Little Crow Collective

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