Outdoor Summer Dining.


*disclosure: This post was a sponsored post by Wayfair.ca as part of a Ambassador program. All thoughts and views are of my own!

Outdoor Summer Dining.

I once had a friend tell me, long before I had my own children, that every time she placed a nice meal on her kitchen table with all of her beautiful plates & utensils laid out for her family, that it was almost a guarantee her children ate more for dinner. I always thought it was kind of odd until I had children of my own and got to test out that theory. I have to say she was right!

There’s just something to be said about a family gathering around the dinner table without any interruptions. With a lovely meal placed in front of them. It’s important to do and with our busy schedules it’s sooo hard to accomplish this goal every night. Am I right!? If I get enough time to make dinner in the evening sometimes I find it hard finding the time to actually sit down and eat it!

With the hopes of Summer of the rise I’ve been scouting out some ideas and styles to make Outdoor Dining all that much more fun and do-able! Kids are always in the backyard and love to eat, so I’m going to try my hardest to bring together the best of both worlds with pieces that I love and that my children appreciate. The work and love that goes into giving them a full belly!

Here are a few top picks from myself that you can find over at Wayfair. The whole sea grass & East Coast vibes were a bit of my inspiration!

Outdoor Dining-2

Get This Look:

Wayfair Round Sea Grass Place Mats | Wayfair Maze Pitcher | Wayfair Hem Stitched Napkins | Wayfair Water Glasses | Wayfair Breakwater Bay Dinnerware Set | Wayfair Flatware Set | Wayfair Wooden Dining Set

Keisha Lynne, xx


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