Girl Mama | Leo Jude Co.


Girl Mama | Leo Jude Co.

I’m sure it’s not all girls but my little lady knows the drama! So when I spotted this tee from Leo Jude Co. I was sold! Slight sarcasm & humor and it’s a good fit for me! I love being a girl mama, its a lot of drama and sweetness all wrapped up into one little girl! Defiantly, filling our world with so much entertainment!

I’m such a huge fan of this little local tee shop. Basic tees & fun quotes for little ones & mamas, a couple for the hubby & wife to! Created by a fellow tired & exhausted mama Stacey, she funneled all of her emotions into cheerful fun quotes & sayings. Also offering some really fun home decor items, woot woot. Gotta love things for the home!

I totally recommend following Stacey at Leo Jude Co on Instagram she is one of the funniest moms, always brightening up my day!

Leo Jude Co.

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Keisha Lynne, xx


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