A Parents Dream & Toddlers To | Dock A Tot


A Parents Dream & Toddlers To | Dock A Tot

I’m no expert when it comes to the right & wrongs of co-sleeping with your children. Drew and I have gone through many articles and discussion’s deciding whether or not it’s good or not. The truth is once Owen hit the older kid age we realized they won’t always sleep with you. They won’t always be babies, right! Those years go fast & of course we got scared of the risks it entailed when they both we’re smaller. As newborns we made the best choices when it came to sleeping. It wasn’t until they became toddlers that we were faced with the co-sleeping. I only wish that we had the Dock A Tot for both babies when they were smaller. And I wasn’t paid to say that!

I truly feel that this portable sleeping bed is ideal for any parent. It’s a great travel companion to accompany them anywhere they go for the night. It’s super comfy & snuggly. It made the transition into Ella’s toddler bed that much easier and made us sleep better at night knowing that she’s tucked in safe. If your deciding whether or not to get one I do suggest going with the Grande, like the one we have just because I feel like babies grow so fast and the Grande fits up to 36 months technically, but we’ll often catch our eight year old lounging in it to!


Dock A Tot comes in many different patterns and also they offer covers for them to! We love having our children sneak into bed with us still but they also love the sense of snug security with the Dock A Tot walls! The end of the bed comes with a buckle just in case to tuck they’re legs in safely. Again no sleeping experts here just a couple of parents who found some love in this portable toddlers bed!



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Keisha Lynne, xx


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