Renos & Relantionships | Office Space

Renos & Relationships | Office Space

How many of you have gone through renos & relantionships? Drew and I just survived our first minor reno together in almost 14 years as a couple. Just so happened that it all started back in September when we returned home as husband & wife! It all began with one picture from Pinterest. Of course Pinterest…

Simple wood shelves was what I was looking for. Nothing fancy, but to Drew (and any man) it’s either Go Big or Go Home. He found the best wood money could buy, what a good guy! It had to be pre-ordered! We started with re-painting this little room from a dark blue to this light grey which made a HUGE difference! It really opened this small space up!

Painting this room was a little stressful but nothing to crazy, I should mention that my lovely husband is a tad OCD & partial perfectionist! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing!  It was the shelves that became the stressful part. With not only ordering them but properly cutting them, staining, sealing & researching ways to hang them! Finally after about 5 months they’re complete! And totally worth the wait.

Now, I’m writing the simple version. I’m leaving out the nights & weekends of me nagging and him saying in “In two weeks they’ll be done” the constant clutter mess that clogged up our kitchen table of stuff. Yadda yadda yadda…

Despite it all, we’ve actually have forgotten everything leading up to this moment of completion! And we both love them so much. This little project brought out the best in Drew & I’m so proud of him. Another thing on his list of things he can do! He’ll proudly wonder into my office and gaze at his beauty, the shelves not me. Usually making a comment like “These shelves are dope, these are pretty fucking awesome shelves don’t you think!” Super proud! I’m super proud and well I didn’t marry a carpenter so this is really awesome, I might even try sending him another Pinterest picture… haha

Have any fun Renos & Relationship stories!?? Please share…









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Keisha Lynne, xx


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