Snack Time With {Orville Redenbacher}


Snack Time With {Orville Redenbacher}

Just yell “SNACK TIME” in my house, I dare ya!! It’s safe to say that if you did you’d probably get everyones attention in my house, husband included. Yup, snack time is like cocktail hour here. My kids love food and they love to snack! Finding new snack ideas can be kind of tricky especially if your looking for healthier options. I have one child who’s selectional picky and another who will eat just about anything you put in front of him. What all of them have in common is their love for Orville Redenbacher Popcorn & Popcorn Chips!

Orville has been stocking our cupboards for some time already, my favourite is the Sweet & Salty Popcorn which we’re already out of! It’s just too good. Redenbacher, did his best to create something that everyone loves snacks & share some memories while enjoying them. It’s pretty great the types of memories you can create while eating a favourite family snack…

Owen as a toddler, where his love for popcorn began..

These popcorn chips are a much healthier alternative than regular chips with 0 trans fat, low in saturated fat, cholesterol free and 60 % less fat than your leading potato chip. Kernals, Microwave Popcorn, Ready To Eat Popcorn & Popcorn Chips are sold in all leading grocery stores. You can find the popcorn chips available in four delicious flavours including Aged Cheddar (which Owen chowed down on) Buttery and BBQ, Sweet & Salty.




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