Round Table Inspiration…{DIY}


Round Table Inspiration…{DIY}

My kitchen table is my baby, it’s my proudest DIY in our home.  I’d say mainly because of the emotional breakdowns, sweat, tears, aches & pains I went through to have it become what it is. I started this project 7 or 8 months pregnant with Ella. With nesting in full action & the urge to have it finished before baby came and I had no time at all to do it, I dove right in despite what Drew might’ve said to stop me! haha



That is what it looked like before. Your basic oak wood table, I was lucky my dad had given it to us. I’m pretty sure you can find these babies at any thrift store or craigslist for a deal! I started with washing the entire table & chairs. Then to countless hours of sanding. The best I could, most importantly the table top because I knew that I wanted it to be stained.

Once the sanding was complete, I started to mix up what I used Miss Mustard’s Milk Paint. Any chalk paint could be used as well. Might even be easier…

Then once I had my two coast complete of milk paint complete, I started to stain the table top. First I used Minmax liquid stain for two coats. Then I discovered these bad boys and once dried fully I layered to coats with these Minwax Stain Wipes. Super easy!! I suggest them..Once everything is sealed with sealer & dry it’s ready to go. I would wait 24-48 hours before putting back together.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out! I get messages asking me where I bought it and if I ever want to get rid of it they will take it! The chairs can be a little hard on the bottoms for the littles so I added some accent cushions for some of them & gives them that little boost at the table. Any questions please feel free to message me!!




Keisha Lynne, xx


One thought on “Round Table Inspiration…{DIY}

  1. Your table looks beautiful! I just love the two toned look of the white with the wood top. I also like that the milk paint doesn’t have an odor and is safe to use indoors. I bet it made it easier on you since you were pregnant when you did this project. Thank you so much for sharing with us!


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