Grab & Go Mifold Booster {GIVEAWAY}


Grab & Go Mifold Booster {GIVEAWAY}

Now available at Canadian Tire!

This handy dandy little package is a portable booster seat! Cool right!? I knew this would be a perfect little car companion for Owen especially since he’s at that “Too cool for school” age and thinks he’s to grown up for a booster seat! And I totally understand that. But we still gotta play it safe!

Created by Jon a father of three who knew travelling with children was a daily routine by his family and other with car pooling. He wanted to ensure that his children always had proper and correct seating when driving. It’s small and mighty being the most advanced, compact and portable booster seat in the world!


This brand new baby is small yet super safe, perfect for ages 4-12 years old/ Weight and height limits 40-100lbs and 40-57″. Foldable & portable for easy travel, skiing up to 10″ to 5″ and weighs the same as a full water bottle. If you struggle with back seats and three boosters, then this may be a solution for you. They can perfectly sit side by side with extra room. Mifold is made out of high quality materials, comfortable, safe and easy to use. Even for kids!


If you’d like to learn more about Mifold please visit their Facebook | Website | Twitter | Instagram You can visit the Mifold Regulatory Approval Here,


Lindsay Threlkeld Your The Winner!!




Keisha Lynne, xx


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