Working & Breastfeeding With Medela


Working & Breastfeeding With Medela

This month marks one full year of being back to work. It’s been a busy year, but it also has been a really successful one. Looking back I of course feared the worst and the mom guilt of leaving Ella everyday scared me. Especially since I was still breastfeeding her! The adjustment went better then I had thought. Everyone smoothly found a routine back to me going to work, Owen at school & Ella starting daycare. It was not easy at first. Going from always being home to help out & be there for Owens school activities! I’ve gotta say though I’m very lucky to have such an amazing job that gives me a little freedom to also be there for my kids.

I remember the first week back, not sure what to do with my ‘Milk mom boobs’. Starting off they’d be fine then as feeding time starting to approach the bigger, heavier & sore they became. Leaking starting and off to pump I would go! Working & pumping, in all honesty, wasn’t easy or that fun. But having the Medela Freestyle & manual hand pump made it just a little bit easier on the fact that I had to keep leaving a room to pump.

The convient bag stored with parts, bottles, pads and other little accessories us pumping moms need. Being able to feel free pumping is also a blessing, feeling relaxed and not nervous to whip it out in a closed room. It made me happy knowing that she was still getting all of the benefits from me even though I was at work all day. All of my inner mom guilt eventually subsided into Kick Ass Mom. I eventually gained a good routine and became a pro at pumping at work. I’m thankful for the chance to experience Medela pumps, it made life feeding with my baby easy.

Some Things That Helped Me Pumping At Work:

  • Medela Freestyle
  • Having an extra Medela manual pump handy
  • Water bottle
  • Extra pads
  • Loose fitting tops
  • Packing my bag the night before
  • Stroring milk in the Calma Bottle
  • Lock the door
  • Find comfy seat and relaxed setting
  • Eat, eat and eat. Store snacks in bag
  • Pump at regular feeding times

One thing that I think is pretty neat and wish I knew about for both of my babies, especially my breastfed daughter was the MyMedela App. An app that’s designed to help guide moms, breastfeeding or not. Track your feeding times, which breast to feed with next, ask some important questions and read some answers. It’s a perfect little companion during feeding time!!

Lucky for you, you get the chance to WIN a Medela Freestyle Double Pump! Enter below & good luck!

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Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Medela Canada and I received Compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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