Owen’s MonoChrome Room In The New Home | Bed Bath & Beyond


Owen’s MonoChrome Room In The New Home | Bed Bath & Beyond

About a year ago many of you had seen the post I had done for Owen’s Man Cave, his newly decorated room! It was so much fun to work on with him, our first big project together. When we found out in early January that we had to move to a different home and leave his then monochrome was kind of scary for him. He didn’t like the idea so much. He was so concerned with what would happen to his room. Would it be the same in the next place?? Would his room be big enough?? What about the wall decals??

He really wanted to keep the theme of his new room pretty much the same. So I got to work…again. I painted the walls white from an ugly beige color. I ordered the wall decals, kept all of the items from his last room and even added some new pieces from Bed Bath and Beyond! I did what I could for my little guy to make sure the adjustment was as easy as possible!


I’m big on nicely decorating bedrooms because that’s they’re sanctuary. That’s their space to do what they want and feel some freedom to do it in! They spend a good amount of time in their rooms and want it to be a fun place for them! He’s in love with the room and he appreciates all the work I did to make it all HIS.













These Pieces Can Be Found At Bed Bath & Beyond:

Large White Quilt | https://www.bedbathandbeyond.ca/store/product/barbara-barry-reg-modernist-pillow-sham/3276226?Keyword=barbara+barry+quilt

White Six Cube Shelf | https://www.bedbathandbeyond.ca/store/product/real-simple-reg-6-cube-storage-unit-in-white/201339?Keyword=cube+insert

Grey Fabric Shelf Insert | https://www.bedbathandbeyond.ca/store/product/cube-grid-bins-set-of-2/3266474?Keyword=fabric+shelf+cube

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*Disclaimer: The products mentioned above have been given free of charge from the company or PR firm in exchange for being featured on lovinglittlesblog.com. The product features expressed in this post are those of mine and have not been influenced in any other way.

Keisha Lynne, xx


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