Fall Favourites


 Fall Favourites

You know that feeling you get when you find your ‘Favourites’. You know, those go to pieces that always seem to end up being used on a daily and go with everything! I’ve figured out mine and Ella’s. And of course we’re matching! Last Monday we had taken these photos, and well if you follow me on Instagram you would’ve heard all about my TRUTH TALK when taking photos with toddlers. It’s not always sunshine & rainbows! Get ready to view a whole lotta frown face photos! haha

Easy is super important when we get ready everyday. Although everyday isn’t always so easy to get ready. I like to make it as simple and classic as possible! Binky & Doodle have some of the cutest sweaters & tops for moms & babes. They are soft, soft, soft and soft. Did I mention how SOFT they were?? Love them and the fun print on the front. Because let’s face it, they speak the truth just ask Drew & Owen!
I love Mint & Birch custom jewelry. I love the quality and I love the bright, beautiful face behind the brand, Jessica. She’s been making pieces for me for so long & for so many special occasions like my wedding! I’m wearing the brass bracelet with Owen & Ella’s name as well as the gold plated bar necklace with ‘Drew & Keisha’ hand written!
Fawn Design blows my mind on how incredible they’re diaper bags are. Such great quality leather bags. You can wear either on your back or it comes with an extra strap to wear over your shoulder & cross-body. My personal fave is on the back, makes it so much easier with Ella. It comes fully equipped inside with plenty of space and pockets. I’ve never had such a nice purse/diaper bag in my life!
Watch quality is so important. I mean with our busy schedules having a nice watch to look down at totally helps! haha for me anyhow. I’m in love with my Medium Watch. The straps can be changed up. I’m wearing the white leather strap!
Ella’s Nene and Bambino necklace and Shop Rachel Rainbow bracelet are the perfect little girl accessories. These are her go-to’s where no fuss is involved! Check them out and the others below… What are some of your favourites??
Micro-Bladed Brows By: Bee Pampered LED Teeth Whitening By: Beautiful Bright Smile
Keisha Lynne, xx

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