10 Ways To Keep Your ‘Cool Mom’ Status


10 Ways To Keep Your ‘Cool Mom’ Status.

Alright moms, raise your hand if you’ve heard this before “Dad is so cool, he’s like way cooler than you mom!”… Yup. So, if your a mom and you haven’t heard this yet because your children are to young to talk, prepare yourself for it. It’s coming it’s only a matter of time. My sweet little Owen has been echoing these words since the day he could put sentences together. I know he loves me, of course. Theres no doubt. But let’s face it, I’m a nag. I’m that voice he hears to get his feet off the table, to brush his teeth, pick up his clothes, get ready for bed, get up it’s time for school, stop picking your noise and wiping it on your self. 

I take a lot of the fun out of stuff because I’m also a parent. Don’t get me wrong Drew will also help in the nagging department. But we all know when Dad says it, it’s way different than when mom does. And ya, maybe I get lost in the word ‘Responsibility’ and forget what it is to be ‘Fun’ or ‘Cool’ because my main job as a parent is to raise cool kids!

Deep down those words kinda suck to hear. I wanna be cool sometimes to bro. Which is why I’ve made up this daily reminder list of how to keep my ‘Cool Mom Status’ for those days where I can let go of the parent stuff and just be a FUN mom…

10 Ways To Keep Your ‘Cool Mom’ Status

  1. Do With Your littles | Follow their lead. Play how they play. If that means spending thirty minutes playing kitchen of pretending your a cat licking yourself. Than do it!
  2. Relax | Let all of your worries & stress go out the window. Just breathe and have FUN!
  3. Be Yourself | Be your crazy, cool, no care in the world self. Don’t worry about what your wearing or how you look. Kids don’t judge, that’s why they’re so great!
  4. Dance & Sing | The best two cures for anything. Break out the tunes and start a random dance party in the middle of your kitchen. Play all kinds of different music and just shake your booty. Make a complete fool of yourself.
  5. Spontaneous | Completely destroy your living room & build a awesome fort with couch cushions. Sometimes just throw them off guard with your regular ways.
  6. YES | Just say YES, say yes to those thing you would normally say no to. To a degree of course…
  7. Stop Multi-tasking | Stop trying to do a thousand little things all at once and put everything down. All that stuff will still be there when your finished.
  8. Break The Rules | Candy before bed, sure. Bath tomorrow night instead of tonight, sure. Sometimes it’s ok to not get everything done in one night.
  9. Laugh | Burst out into laughter. It is so contagious, you’ll have your whole family laughing in no time.
  10. Just Love Them | Remind them every second of the day. Be like “Turn the t.v off, brush your teeth & read your book. I LOVE YOU!”  haha this works for me! Make sure they know you love them every second of the day!


Keisha Lynne, xx


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