#FordFusion Family For A Week


Ford Fusion Family For A Week 

Between Drew & I, we have driven many different types of vehicles, but this was our first Ford ride! Our family had the chance to test drive the new 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid for the week. It was the smoothest ride ever! The whole family was super stoked to take this car for a spin… I felt like a high roller, pulling up to the school yard and work! This was actually the first brand new car I’ve ever driven EVER!

The Ford Fusion Hybrid was totally my type of vehicle, I’m on the short side so fitting into a car that is my size feels soo good! Of course it didn’t hurt that everything looked so classy inside. With it’s leather seats & touch screen. What Drew and I loved most about the Ford Fusion Hybrid was it’s excellent fuel economy. WOW! We couldn’t get over how well it was on gas. How little we needed to stop. And when your in between work, pick ups, drop offs, day care, school, groceries the last thing we ever want to do is stop for gas…

The standard rear view camera was a huge life saver for backing up, sometimes it’s hard to see through those blind spots. This made is so easy & would alert you if you were close to hitting anything on either side. The rotary gear shift and auto start was defiantly a new thing for me. I loved the idea of quickly pressing a button and moving a dial, it was so sleek! Oh Oh Oh & the navigation system built in, was my best friend the entire week! I’m the worst for getting lost or not having any clue where I’m going when I’m driving. Constantly having to pull over and look up where I’m going or where I am…

This is just the start of the many features on the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I could probably go on for another paragraph or two about them and how fun it was to drive this car. Instead you should head on over to their website and check out the newest selection of vehicles and the many ways you could make a Ford your own!




Owen & I often would take a drive in the evening, our date night!




Check Out Ford Canada.

 Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Keisha Lynne, xx


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