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EcoKeepers Discovery Kids With EnviroKidz

EcoKeepers Discovery Kids is a great children’s outdoor activity created by Natures Path EnviroKidz as a New Nature Discovery Program to connect kids with the wonders of nature and get them outdoors! What a great idea. Right!? It’s fun for the whole family, classroom, lazy Sunday or any children’s event (even birthday parties!) Better yet, it’s free!

Ecokeepers is brought together to encourage outdoor play with Geocaching! What is Geocaching? At first I asked this same question and after doing some research I figured out it’s like a giant treasure hunt with over 2 million caches (treasures) hidden around the globe. Using a GPS tracker, perfect on your cell phone, with the Geocache App. A user hides a “treasure” and publishes the exact GPS coordinates in a location so that others searching can find it! Ecokeepers is putting geocaches in the hands of kids around North America to personalize and help send off 500 ladybug trackable’s!

When I first found out about Ecokeepers I was really excited, the idea of geocaching and getting my children outdoors rain or shine! The moment we received our Ecokeepers Discovery Kit, explained to Owen & Ella how to do it I got them dressed up in their outdoor gear and off we went. Ella did more snacking on the New Peanut Butter bars then search, but she was still very into it showing us her rocks & leaves! Owen felt very accomplished after finding each one & learning. He thought it was pretty cool leaving a treasure for someone else to find. We found a couple Geocaches & ended up having a wilderness scavenger hunt using our Explorer guide that came in our Discovery Kit!

In your Ecokeepers Discovery kit you’ll receive:

  • A Geocache to customize your hide
  • A ladybug trackable keychain to place in your Geocache to monitor it throughout the year.
  • Ecokeepers explorer guide that includes puzzles, drawings & scavenger hunt
  • Envirokidz gluten free snack bars

The Nature Discovery Program is super easy & fun to explore the outdoors with your children you never know what you may discover on a search in the woods. If you or someone you know would like to explore the Ecokeepers Discovery Kit & Geocache, or if you want to try it for yourself feel free to email ecokeepers@envirokidz.com and get ready to explore!

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Keisha Lynne, xx


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