Our Ceremony | D+K


Our Ceremony | D + K 

Who do you think was the first to greet me before I walked down the aisle?? Well my sweet little Owen. I had chosen him to walk me down and give me away! He made my heart melt, the look on his face and his sweet words “Mommy, you look so pretty!”. We had to make one last pit stop before we go, the bright pink porta-potty! My mother in law is ah-mazing! 

With a thumbs up we were off! The boys looked so handsome Drew, K.C & Jorin all dressed up in the heat!! Drew couldn’t have asked for better guys to stand with him than these two helpful studs. My flower girl, ring bearer & Katie walked before us. Then of course once Ella had one look of me and ran immediately for me wanting to be held. and not let go! For a good portion she stood with Drew & I soaking it all in.

Finally, marrying the man I love. We both had grins from ear to ear the entire time, with an occasional laugh! Our family friend, Rev. James Haughn married us. He also married my mother & step-father. It was a great piece of our past standing with us. We did our vows, exchange of rings & kiss at the end. We then signed our marriage certificate & to follow photos, lots of photos!

Drew & I feel so lucky to have such a loving group of family & friends. As we sit home today back on the West Coast we can’t help but feel a little home sick. We had the best wedding day ever thanks to so many of you! It will always be a big part of our life, this day & we will always carry these memories with us…

Our parents have been with us through it all. Way back when we were teenagers, I remember my step-father taking my bedroom door off my hinges whenever Drew would come to visit! It’s all thanks to them for a lot of what we have now. Our drive and motivation to be the best we can be! I had a friend say to me before we left “Wow, that went by fast. I can’t believe your getting married already!” I had to laugh because I had been waiting the last 13 years to marry this man. It was so worth the wait!

























Shop Love

Custom Bar Necklaces – Mint & Birch

Flower Crowns – Oh Dina!

Pearl Ear Rings – Pearl & Clasp

Boys Pink Bow Tie – Mini Moc

Flower Girl’s Shoes – Adelisa and Co.

Bride’s Dress – Envy Clothing

Blanket – Growing A Little Love

Makeup – Jane Iredale

Some Photos By Family & Friends

Photographer – Bobby Ducati Photography

Keisha Lynne, xx




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