Beach Visit + Swim Zip


Beach Visit + Swim Zip

Brings back childhood memories visiting the beaches in Nova Scotia. It was hard not to visit everyday while on our trip back east. The air is so fresh and the waves crashing is just so peaceful and relaxing. We visited a couple different beaches while home Crescent & Rissers. Both hold lots of good trips for both Drew & I, especially Crescent! 

Normally, when we visit we go in the winter time. Don’t ask me why… It just always happens to fall on those dates. This time around it was just perfect end of summer still with the warm breeze & the water was cold enough to get to your knees!

It’s a pretty neat feeling to be able to take our kids to the same beaches we grew up on and to watch them run so freely like we once did. Made me feel like a kid again watching them play. That, and it made me feel a little old! Ella & I lounged in our Swim zip and the boys searched the shore for shells to bring home. Couldn’t be a better family day then the ones we spent on vacation.

Really takes us to that moment where everything just feels still, being dis-connected from everything except for whats right in front of you!







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Keisha Lynne, xx




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