Family Is Everything


Family Is Everything

As our wedding day approaches, it certainly has Drew & I reminiscing back to those high school days. 2003, when it all began. That first day of Drivers Ed, I was 16 Drew was 18. I somehow got the last seat which just so happened to be right behind Drew. From that moment on he’s been bugging me ever since! Every so often during class he would turn around in his seat and pretend he needed help… To this day he still acts dumb!

Who knew that me saying ‘Yes’ to dating him, would change our lives slowly but so drastically. We’ve been through A LOT, it hasn’t always been so easy. We’ve had our growing pains, together & separately. We’ve seen each at our best & worst. We’ve always managed to make it through together, as a couple & best friends. Having our kids has always been a joint agreement that it’s been our greatest accomplishment in life. Bringing them into this world & raising them together. Watching them grow up and become little people that act & look just like us, it makes our faces & hearts glow!

Just recently after a couple of years, our family started to get a day off together. Now to some this may not seem like a big deal but for us it’s everything. Since Drew started his new career at CN it’s been a spiral of chaotic shifts. Days, nights, weekends, overtime ending in night shifts on weekends! A quick kiss and passing by most days. We now spend our Saturdays with no work, no appointments, no errands, no school & no daycare. Sometimes we go out & sometimes we don’t. These precious moments are so special to have as a family, we often forget that. I know our family had forgotten what it was like to have time to just BE, with each other, alone, on a day off.

Family is everything. It’s what we have in common, it’s what we have that gives us unconditional love & marvels at us. It’s what makes us smile & what pushes our asses out of bed at all hours of the night & early mornings to get ready for work. It really is amazing to look back at where you came from, how it all started & the path it has you on today. If time and age has taught me one thing, it’s that blood is thicker than water!









I enjoy this photo so much. Drew spends his days working on the train tracks!



Anndd then came the tears..


Diaper Bag: Logan & Lenora

My Sandals: Union Jack Boots

Ella’s Tee: Mon Bebe Apparel

Ella’s Shoes: Adelisa & Co.

Ella’s Shorts: Isn’t She Lovely?

Owen’s Shoes: Native Shoes

Owen’s Tee: Little Field Lane ‘Heidi Swapp’

Necklaces: Mint & Birch

Photos Done By Vanessa Voth Photography

Keisha Lynne, xx


3 thoughts on “Family Is Everything

  1. I totally understand how precious a family day is. My husband works evenings and most weekends, so when we do have a day together, we cherish it too! I love your family’s story!


  2. You have a beautiful family! I totally understand the joy of having that one day just to spend together. It gets hard sometimes with different work schedules, so any time together is always precious. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!


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