Summer Favourites


My Summer Favourites | What’s In Your Summer Bag?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s excited that it’s summertime, right!? Now that the sun has peaked out of those clouds we spent the weekend off on adventures to Cultus Lake & Harrison! It’s such a favourite time of the year, and such a busy one. It’s jam packed with adventures & fun times with friends & family creating lasting memories!

Now, what are your favourites to pack into your summer day bag? I have learnt after many years of being at a loss, that it’s never a bad thing to over pack. These items may only be the half of the things I make sure to pack. But they are my favourites & my go-to’s. I pack way differently with two kids then I did with one, because you never know what might happen and what you may need!

Let me tell you a little bit about a few of my essentials…

Rollo Towel

These towels are so much fun to have at the beach, lake or pool side. The fact that you can use it as a blanket and towel is a space saver in the bag. The kids have so much fun laying this out or being wrapped up in it!



There have been plenty of days where I’m out with the kids and my phone eventually dies. So a portable phone charger is always a must, especially when we travel someplace new and I get lost. I need that full to be fully charged at all times!

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Rad Swim

Of course our swimsuits! These are not just any swimsuits, I love the idea of a one piece! It is for sure one of the best quality swim suits I’ve ever owned in my life! So many to choose from & you can even match your little..

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Online glasses wear for anyone! I found the perfect summer shades for me & transitions for Owen. Love the look and feel of these glasses. You can choose any frame and add in any shade lens you like!

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Union Jack Boots

I LOVE SHOES!! This is the place to look, I found these Vans sandals. Love the look, style & feel. They go perfect with just about anything that I wear & can quickly slip them on and off!

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Logan & Lenora

I just recently came across this company. They make small & larger washable totes to carry around and to slip into the diaper bag. I use ours for dual purposes like either storing dirty diapers while out or storing those wet swimsuits the kids throw off! Work for any reason. If you visit my Instagram I’m giving away a $25 Gift Card to put towards one of your own!!

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My Cinema Lightbox | Zoe Organics | K Pure Naturals – Lip Balm  | Dermalogica-Sun Block | BKR-Glass Water Bottle

Do you have a summer bag of your own?? what are some of your essentials you carry in it??



Keisha Lynne, xx



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