5 Sweet Wedding Keepsakes


5 Sweet Wedding Keepsakes

Our wedding day is soon approaching and I can barely wait any longer. I’m now at the point where I feel like I’m ‘Wedding Nesting’ almost the same as when you start baby nesting. I’m getting things organized and put together in anticipation for the big day!!

Since, we are travelling back east to get married it’s a little tricky for me to gather anything really big so I have to think small but big. I’ve been searching the internet for the longest time and I found the sweetest items that are small but sentimental as well! I’m sure I’ll find a few more as I go but these are keepsakes that will always be a little dear to me and Drew!

  1. Wifey & Hubby Tees – Fox Blossom
  2. Drew & Keisha Bar Necklace – Mint & Birch
  3. Orignal Wedding Cards – Milestones
  4. Wedding Invitation – Minted.
  5. Mrs.& Mr. Silverware Set – And Then Again





Fox Blossom

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Mint & Birch

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Milestones Cards

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Facebook  | Instagram | Twitter

And Then Again

Facebook | Instagram | Etsy

Keisha Lynne, xx



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