Our Weekend Adventure


Theres isn’t a thing that we love more than to spend quality time with our family. Every day off we spend together, mind you there are few days off that we get together so when we do get them we utilize them! This past Canada Day long weekend we had a blast.

Thursday we spent the afternoon at the Cultus Lake Waterpark. The kids & Drew loved it, so much to do for the whole family and you could easily spend a whole day playing around. Ella of course made a mad dash for all of it. Drew & the kids disappeared for most of the time. After we had a fun dinner at our family’s house!




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Matching Swimsuits From Rad Swim

Friday evening we watched the fire works with my brother, sister in law, niece & nephew. Such a great show of fireworks and a huge turnout of people. I love to cuddle up and watch them with the kids, Ella may have disliked them in the beginning but grew to love them. The music is what she really loved, danced the night away to ‘Oh Canada’!



Saturday we spent the day at Cultus Lake, swimming and playing in the lake with the family!




Cara you may need to charge us a rental fee for the paddle board this summer!! Love creating memories with our loved ones and so excited to create even more this summer…


Keisha Lynne, xx


Rad Swim 

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