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It’s that time of year, summer which means wedding season! Our wedding plans are starting to make way, I’m feeling good and somewhat organized for September. Planning weddings are stressful and a lot of work especially when they’re being planned on the other side of the country. Weddings can totally get carried away and so costly. That’s why Drew and I have decided to keep our small and intimate. I want to be able to enjoy our day with our friends and family without feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. We’re each having one groomsman and one bridesmaid.

My bridesmaid is going to be my childhood friend Katie Rose Wild Rose Buds Blog, she’s always been in my life and a huge part of so many lasting memories growing up. She’s always been a dear friend to me and done what she can to be there considering our distance. I’m so thankful she agreed to be apart of my big day and walk with me. She’s been helping me de-stress every moment I feel like I’m going to loose my mind. I really want to make sure that the day is perfect for the both of us, I want to make sure that I treat her just right!

When it comes to choosing a bridesmaid/maid of honour gift I want it to be something sentimental, something that she will remember and something that shows my appreciation! There are so many websites offering gift ideas, I honestly became so overwhelmed I kind of gave up until I found a site called Fox Blossom Co..I was so blown away, there are so many beautiful to choose from. All either for a bridal party, the hubby or the wifey. They have home items, clothing pieces & jewelry!

Needless to say this site was the perfect choice when it came to any wedding gifts or fun items I needed.

For The Bridesmaid

1.Bridesmaid Floral Satin Robes. Tons of different colours and can be personalized.


2. Gold Heart Earrings.

3.Best Bridesmaid Ever Tote Bag.20160105_KK_tabletop_075_edited_INSTAGRAM_large

4. Gift Foxes For The Bridesmaid. bridesmaid-3-gift-box-small_large

5. Personalized Champagne Flutespersonalized-champagne-glasses_edit_large

For The Bride

  1. Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged Mugengagement-mug-web_405dcf7b-b2b6-44cd-8b02-437e10e85553_large
  2.  His & Her Champagne Glasses his-hers-champagne-flutes_large

3. Wifey Tee


4. Cubic Zirconia Drop Necklace20160114_KK_product_109_WEB_large


Check out Fox Blossom Co.:




Keisha Lynne,xx


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