Funny Words From Owen…


Oh, my boy. He’s a funny one, I’m glad to see he carries my sense of humour! I don’t know what I would do with out it! Ever since he started talking I find myself double looking and staring at him with the things he says to me. Yup, really blessed to have this gentle, kind & funny hearted kid. He gets me and I get him, most of the time….

Always putting a huge smile on my face, and on his toes. Leaves me wondering where and the heck he learns these things from or comes up with them. Kids say the darnedest things! I put together a bunch of funny lines from Owen, the ones I could really remember anyhow. I feel like I’m quick to forget them in the moment, so I’ve been trying to write them down as I go as a friendly reminder for when he’s older…

Funny Words From Owen….

– “Mom, you work me so hard everyday. I go to school, play my games, make my lunch & sleep. I work way harder then anyone else in this house.”
– “If you want me to skip school today I can, I can help you with Ella so you can relax.”
– “When I grow up mom, I’m going to work at CN and make a million dollars and buy you a   new car. And I’ll buy myself a truck, better then dads.”
Me: Owen I can’t follow you around with your girlfriend and make lunches for you       everyday….
    Owen: “Ya you can, I don’t mind.”
– “When I win the lottery I’m going to give some to you mom, Alyssa & riley (cousins).”
Owen:So when I grow up and live on my own, who will sleep with me?
   Me: Your girlfriend.
   Owen: But what if I want daddy to sleep with me? and you?
– “Did you know that spiders can crawl inside your brain?”
Obsession with Wagon Wheels… 
Owen: “Mom, how do they make those circle things.”
Me: ‘Wagon Wheels?”
Owen: ‘Ya, with the marshmallow, chocolate and crackers. Theyre so good. We need to get those things home. I’m needing those circle things. They way they make them is so yummy with the marshmallow, chocolate and crackers. mmmm. Can we get those after school?”
Me: Sure…
– “I’m a champion mom. Did you just see what I did? I’m the champ.”
– “Can you tape me so I can do a musically?”
– “Remember when Ella was in your tummy mom? Ya, she was cute in there…”
– “Where’s down?”
– “Mom look at my big B****!!!”
– “Your the best mom ever, I’m so glad you were born.”
Keisha Lynne, xx

4 thoughts on “Funny Words From Owen…

  1. I can remember you as a youngster and I was tickling you on the bed. You giggled so hard and said; “Get off Mommy, you are too big!” As I was leaning over you. Smiling I tickled you again and said; “Yeah, but I’m pretty!” And without missing a beat you laughingly said; “Yeah, You’re pretty big!” And you pounced on me tickling me. You were only 3 or 4. It was hilarious!


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