Mint & Birch | Jewelry That Tells A Story


For a long time I did a lot of searching for the perfect stamped necklace. After having my second, my little Ella. I really wanted to have a keep sake that held both of my children’s names. Knowing that a tattoo was totally not an option, mostly because I’m to much of a wuss. A bar necklace with their names would work just fine. Actually even better!

I have always drooled over every piece that Mint & Birch creates. I was so lucky to finally get my hands on a few stamped necklaces from Mint & Birch, I couldn’t stop at just one! After one, I wanted more! Jessica is the beautiful talent behind her sweet little shop Mint & Birch. She creates, designs and takes charge all on her own. Giving you so many options to choose from, you will definitely stumble onto something that you’ll love!

From customizing a nest or bar, to just finding something already made up and ready to buy. Each piece is unique and made to perfection. Each piece also carries a special little story about it, representing families and loved ones. That part is one of Jessica’s favourites, being able to create pieces that tell a story and giving you pieces that travel with you over a lifetime!

Not only will you find a huge selection of necklaces but you’ll also find earrings & bracelets to also create how you would like! My newest faves are the gold filled bar & triangle necklace, of course the nests to. Wait, who am I kidding I love them all! Go take a look for yourself…






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Keisha Lynne, xx


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