Summer Shoe Style | My Wish List

Summer Shoe Style

Summer Shoe Style | My Wish List

I LOVE SHOES!! I’ve become shoe obsessed since having Ella, only because it was just so much easier to try on shoes when pregnant than anything else! The seasons are changing and that means my footwear will be to. Sadly saying good bye to my beautiful boots and dreaming of new lightweight shoe styles. I’m in love with the new look of pastels and finally just got my hands on my first pair of converse!
Lately, I’ve been noticing that slip on shoes are a huge time saver when rushing out the door with the kids in hand. I feel like the next step would be velcro for me! haha I hope this gives you some inspiration when trying to find the perfect pair for you!
These looks will be a fun way to welcome summer! Plus, did you see those Vans, Disney print slip on?? Heck Yes. And the floral print has me so excited!! This wish list is a mix of converse, vans and timberland. I would be the happiest girl to have my shoe closet stocked with all of these!
Union Jack Boots is a Canadian online company where all of these items are found. They offer FREE shipping within Canada & if you subscribe to their email you will be entered to WIN $100 credit!! Who doesn’t love shoe credit??
Keisha Lynne, xx

17 thoughts on “Summer Shoe Style | My Wish List

  1. Love these options. They are so cute and I love even more that they are Canadian and offer free shipping 🙂


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