Toys, Decor + More | Flora&Peg


Toys, Decor + More | Flora & Peg
Flora & Peg make playtime a little more fun with their eco-friendly toys, peg dolls, floral crowns, garlands, mobiles and more. This little shop recently celebrated they’re 1 year anniversary. Created by Jeremy & Darcie who design & create it all. Items full of bright colours, beautiful & meaning full making for a whimsical playtime for your little babes!

I love the bright colours and fun feel every item in their shop has. Each piece is handcrafted to perfection with it’s detail. Also, feels good knowing theres lots of options to choose from & toys that Ella can play with that have no chemicals. Every time I enter Ella’s room that pink ‘Happy Pear’ greets me with the biggest smile!
Follow along and keep your eyes peeled for latest items & sales!
Flora & Peg offer free shipping on orders over $99 & are offering a 10% discount for any purchase use code ‘LOVINGLITTLES

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Keisha Lynne, xx

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