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Hobokin & Co. Handmade High Vibration Jewelry

It’s true what they say, you can never have to much jewelry! But having jewelry that can restore your energy & give you high vibrations, now thats something we should all be wearing. Recently, I had the pleasure of getting to know Lauryn Cardoza. A very rad mom of two boys who is a self taught jewelry artisan & has created Hobokin & Co. It is really the most interesting shop of jewelry that I’ve gotten to know so far. Her pieces are beautiful, stylish & good for the soul. It lets you carry positive energy throughout your day with its crystal healing properties. I love learning more about this kind of stuff! Read a little more about Lauryn, her love for crystals & her positive vibes!

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Q&A | Lauryn Cardoza

How Long Have You Been Creating Jewelry?

I’ve been making jewelry for about two years. It all began with my love of crystals. I would constantly be collecting crystals and have so many around my house with no intentions to do anything but admire and love them. One day it came to me that I could be wearing these crystals and carrying them with me at all times. So it all began with me wire wrapping the crystals (and boy did i have trial and error). I slowly began working with different metals, wrapping techniques, stamping and slowly just found what I loved. Stamping metals and wrapping crystals soon became my “me time”. When I first showed instagram what I had created, I had an immediate response and it took off from there!

I now work with 14k gold filled, sterling silver and all AAA grade precious stones. It took me a while to get where I am, and feel comfortable working with such metals, but the hard work has paid off!

What Do You Love The Most About Owning Your Own Shop?

What I love most about running my own business is being a stay at home mom. It gives me the opportunity to stay home, spend the entire day with my boys and not miss a minute. Though it is tough only having time to work on orders and create new designs while they sleep, it is all worth it to me. I love making jewelry and I love being able to work with crystals, so it does not seem like a job to me! Being able to hear peoples stories, and know that these natural gemstones have the ability to help with such issues such as conceiving, anxiety and a source of mediation, is absolutely amazing for me to watch in front of my own eyes. I have had people come back a month later and say, “I’ve been trying to conceive for years, and after wearing your moonstone necklace, IM PREGNANT!” I mean how wonderful is that? It’s not me doing the work, its the crystals, but it sure is an honor to have the knowledge of such stones and be able to create the piece they want and love and see the magic happen!

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Jewelry is a very personal thing. It should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it. -Garance Dore

Keisha Lynne, xx


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