Parentees.CO | Say It With A Tee


Sometimes, do you ever wish you had a way to say what your thinking? But in a non-obvious way! Graphic tees are the way to go, say it with a tee! Quirky little quotes, small but yet so meaningful. I can’t get enough of them. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s super easy to style them either dressed up or casual. Mix & match with layers! I’ve been getting to know the beautiful mama Dominique, the lady behind the brand Parentees.Co.  She is defiantly one of the coolest mamas I’ve ever met!

The soul maker and mother of four boys, has always wanted to create a line just for moms and dads. Being able to brag about how sweet their kids are and to the trials we face as parents. Dominique felt it was needed to express them and not to shame it. She wants you to help showcase your personality as a parent through her tees!

They are designed and printed all by her in her ‘Mom Cave’! Show Parentees.Co some love and head on over to their page and check out her amazing fun tees. For you rad parents, you’ll get them!

15% OFF With Discount Code  ‘LOVING15’






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Keisha Lynne, xx


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