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I have become obsessed with wall decals! Even now as a home owner knowing that I can do just about whatever I want to my walls, I still love putting themed decals on my walls! I recently placed Gold Dots from Wow Home Decor scattered across Ella’s room wall. They looked adorable, took me two minutes to apply and gave her room just that extra added touch!

Wow Home Decor has the best selection and located locally in the Fraser Valley, B.C. They’ve got you covered (pun intended) from decals, writing, chalk walls & full wall patterns. The best thing about applying these amazing pieces is that they’re easy to apply and easy to remove without damaging your walls! Perfect for renters who want to decorate and don’t want or can’t do the hassle of painting.

Wow Home Decor uses the best indoor vinyl in the industry. No need to worry about the vinyl bleeding, they’re quick and affordable. Being able to personalize each room the way you want it and adding that extra touch of inspiration making your home feel like a home! Visit their website and you’ll find a wide selection for nursery’s, living rooms, bedrooms plus more. You’ll also find a full installation page showing you how to install! Good Luck & Have Fun!!

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10 thoughts on “WOW Home Decor

  1. I am obsessed with those gold dots… ooo and the evergreen trees! Thanks for a fun giveaway! I’m not the best interior designer (I’ve lived in my apartment for 2 years and just now put some stuff up on the walls), so things like this help so much!


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