Play Room & Play Dates


I’ve always said to myself when I first started to blog, that if the only thing I gain out of this experience is creating new friendships then that’s all that matters. I was lucky enough to gain lots of new friends for myself as well as for my littles!

This little friend of Ella’s is Lexi. Lexi and Ella are a month apart in age and are very similar in a lot of ways! Her mom Vanessa and I have become really good friends and we as well have a lot in common. I first met Vanessa through of course social media and after learning how talented she was, how sweet she was and how we had the same interests it felt very natural to just be friends!

Once getting everything moved in and unpacked, I realized I don’t like being bored and I have to keep busy so I started off the home renovations & decorating with Ella’s room. In all honesty there wasn’t much to change but the wall colour, which was a very ugly brown/beige. I added pieces to make it her own. The last few days she’s been in and out of her room playing and having fun!















Photography by Vanessa Marie Studios // Instagram

Tee Pee – Tee Pee Tot

Dream Sign & Book Shelf – AllyBeth Design Co.

Oreo Teether – Glitter & Spice

‘Beautiful Girl’ Writing – Genicca Whitney

Gold Dots – Wow Home Decor

‘Why Hello’ Sign & Voluspa Candle – The Button Box Boutique

Dream Catcher – VMD Jewelry

Pink, White & Gold Yarn Garland – Jae To The Wall

Ella’s Sweater – VonBon

Ella’s Leggings – Kewe Clothing

Sweet Dreams Darling Spritz – Happy Spritz

Sprout Diaper Salve – Haven Living

‘Ella’ Print Card – Kardz Kouture

Bebe Deluxe Coconut Bath – Bebe Deluxe

Unicorn Bracelet – Rachel Rainbow

Crib Side Blanket – Plaj Towel


Keisha lynne, xx







9 thoughts on “Play Room & Play Dates

  1. What an adorable room and those two little ones are cute beyond words. I’m sure your mini-me is loving her room and is going to make a lot of wonderful new memories in it. Good job, momma 🙂


  2. Her room is so pretty! It looks so bright and clean, and the pops of color are perfect! I love the door decoration – that was a very nice touch!


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