25 Signs ‘You Know You’re A Mom When…’


I feel like I’ve been working on this post for sooo long. It’s been for good reason, each day that went by I seemed to add more & more of them. I remember way back when, I use to think to myself ‘Do all moms go through this?’ Well, it’s been through my time and willingness to open up to other moms to learn, YUP. They do. It’s not just me. I’m not the only one who goes through days thinking sarcastically in my head “You know you’re a mom when…”

I often feel like a superhero to the rescue. My ego as a mom goes to my head. Only a job mom can do, and other times… not so much!

After having baby #2 I slowly became reminded of things I also went through with my first. The daily grind, the mom life. We’ve been there, picked that. Nothing scares us and nothing gets past us. We’ve seen and heard it all. All part of being a mom and You Know You’re A Mom When…

  1. Instead of running away from projectile vomit you find yourself running towards it cupping your hands ready to catch it.
  2. Your sleeve is an unspoken napkin.
  3. Secretly, you wish every store had a drive thru.
  4. A quiet child is never a good sign.
  5. You carry 3 bags of groceries, a diaper bag, your coffee, a baby & don’t drop a single item.
  6. You do 2 loads of laundry everyday and can never seem to catch up. Half the time it sits there to re-wash & re-dry.
  7. You use to shut the bathroom door. Until you realize, what’s the point. A closed door means a child will find you…
  8. You’ve become an expert at using both hands for everything. Not just your dominant hand!
  9. Cleaning your house, car and baby with baby wipes
  10. Perfume & deodorants are classified as having a shower..right!?
  11. Your salvia cleans faces.
  12. You cut your husbands sandwiches into fours.
  13. Instead of napping when baby naps you clean the house, tweeze your brows, randomly get distracted on Pinterest. Realize you need a nap at the exact moment your baby wakes up.
  14. You hear your mothers voice coming out of your own mouth…I’ve turned into my mom.
  15. You forget what hot coffee tastes like.
  16. You hear crying in your sleep.
  17. When you sacrifice that last piece of pie for your little…
  18. Your the detective in your house, and can find any lost item.
  19. You get a thrill out of how many things you can multi-task at one time.
  20. Dinner time & bed time is considered ‘witching hour’ in your house.
  21. When your littles FINALLY fall asleep you quickly grab the secret stash of chocolate & feel like an adult when you can watch whatever you want on Netflix.
  22. Catch yourself singing out loud your daily chores…
  23. A walk in the park is never that.
  24. The grocery store is your second home.
  25. You say at least once a day “I can’t do this” but you know you can and you will because your a tough as shit mom.

My kids have really shown me a different side of myself. One I never knew existed until having them! Do you have any “You know you’re a mom when..” moments??


Keisha Lynne, xx


9 thoughts on “25 Signs ‘You Know You’re A Mom When…’

  1. Oh my goodness I love these! Even now that my kids are older bathroom time is public. I go into the bathroom and shut the door and they come in to talk about their day or what shirt to wear. I tell them I’m going to the bathroom and they either take that as a sign they need to come closer so I can see what they are talking about or they tell me they don’t mind. Funny thing is that I never get mad at them because I love that they still want to come and talk.


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