Mom & Babe Tees | Tiny Love Designs


This young girl of mine is a natural. She was in the best mood to take photos the other day so I had to work with what I had while I had it! We don’t do a lot of shopping in malls anymore. We’ve been keeping it to the small business’s which I love to do. Recently, I started to get to know the lovely lady over at Tiny Love Designs.


It’s quickly becoming a favourite for me! Recently launching this month, selling in-house type & graphic prints tees for moms & babes. They also offer a really nice selection of graphic prints for your home! Two of my most favourite things my home & clothes!

Give some much needed love to this new, fun & modern company!


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Ellas Outfit:

Leggings // Tiny Button Apparel

Tee // Tiny Love Designs

Black & Gold Head band // Cutie Pie Boutique

Tuban //Lille Mus

Necklace // Mama Gems

Mom’s Outfit:

Tee // Tiny Love Design

Watch // Aibi

Boots // Shop Hunnis

Pants // Garage

Arrow Necklace // Must Have

Keisha Lynne, xx


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