Feeding Your ‘Love Child’ Organics


It’s no secret how much everyone in our home loves Love Child Organics. Since the first day Ella could start her first solid meal to this day now as a toddler. She still loves slurping back the tasty pouches and you can always find her walking around with a healthy snack in one hand! We love everything about LCO! It’s been so delightful to be an official brand Ambassador #LCOsupermom to this amazing Canadian company.

It’s very important to me to be able to read and fully understand food labels and it’s listed ingredients for my littles. Knowing that LCO offers just that gives me a little peace of mind. From easy to read labels, rich in nutrients, organic makes Love Child Organics my number one choice!


Serving ages 6 months to 7 years and even at 29. We all in one way or another love to snack on LCO. My favourite are the Owlies! The organic purees ‘Family Food Pouches’ come in so many tasty blends from just apples to a mix of pear, kale & peas. The blends give all the goodness of fruits and veggies with added super foods!

There’s nothing more reassuring then knowing what’s going into your sweet babies belly. Good news for you, you can now find Love Child Organics in Shoppers Drug Mart, Save On Foods, London Drugs, Amazon and just recently launching in Superstore.

Dig into these tasty treats even for yourself, you’ll be surprisingly satisfied in a pinch! Stay tuned for new products made by Love Child Organics… Use promo code ‘LCOMOM02’ at Amazon.ca for 15% off a one time purchase.

Winner Joanna Wilson!! 



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Keisha Lynne, xx


7 thoughts on “Feeding Your ‘Love Child’ Organics

  1. This was the first food I fed my little man and he still loves them today. I have to admit I steal some myself because they are the perfect way to bring my blood sugar up in the morning. (Gestational diabetes).


  2. Love feeding these to my little man. It was the first food he tried! I also sneak them since they make a great gestational diabetes snack!


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