Coconut Oil | How I Use It


We all know how amazing Coconut Oil is and how it’s changed all of our lives! For myself, it’s taken me a little longer to jump on the wagon of users. I think in the beginning I was a little sceptical about it and didn’t really believe how amazing it really was. Not only does it offer so many health benefits, it’s decreased the amount of products stored in my home and it smells yummy! Also safe to eat!

I get totally overwhelmed, there are so many to list it’s insane. I literally start thinking that coconut oil is the cure to anything… Car’s broken down, coconut oil will fix that. Kid’s late for school, coconut oil can fix that!. But really, we’ve all visited Pinterest and found thousands of different uses for it, but which ones do you swear by? How has it changed your life? And what are your best uses for it?

It’s slowly become a staple in our home in bulk size. I’ve been trying to replace almost every product in my home with it. In my kitchen as well as my beauty cupboard. It’s changed the way I purchase health and beauty products, well almost! Make sure when purchasing you buy ‘Pure’ or ‘Virgin’ Coconut Oil.


Here’s a list of the many uses that have helped me in my home…

  • Brow Tamer – Tame those crazy, unruly brows with this when in a pinch!
  • Shaving Cream – Soft & smooth legs coming your way! Quick and easy and not a cocktail of chemical like most shaving creams.
  • Hair Mask – After a nighttime shower I coat my hair in this and sleep with it in or leave it for an hour and wash it out. It normally takes a few washes but it’s so worth it. It improves dry scalp and is a perfect lice killer.
  • Baking & Cooking – Drew laughed at me on this one, only for about two seconds before he tasted my cream cheese icing made with coconut oil instead of butter. Replace butter, margarine & cooking sprays with this!
  • Body Cream – I love playing around with essential oils and mixing it up with some coconut oil. I smooth it over my face and body!
  • Cradle Cap – Massage it on baby scalp, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse clean with luke warm water.
  • Baby Cream – Ella has been soaked up in this stuff since the day she came home from the hospital!
  • Ingesting – Once in awhile I’ll drink a spoon full. It’s a great cleanser!
  • Eye Makeup Remover – Sometimes it takes me a few times to get it completely clean around my eyes. It works wonders for those with sensitive skin.
  • Coffee – I’m a coffee lover and all the added cream and sugar it’s not the greatest. Lately I’ve been adding melted coconut oil with a touch of cinnamon to my coffee. It looks black but still has the flavour and feels as if the cream was added.
  • Body Scrub – Make your own its so much cheaper and 100% natural. Melt and mix with brown sugar and some essential oils!
  • Lip Balm – Scrub off the dry skin and apply coconut oil for perfect moisture.

Last but not least is one that’s a must everyday!!

  • Oil Pulling – I do this one every morning when I first wake up. I grab a teaspoon of oil and swish it around in my mouth for about 10-15minutes and then immediately spit it out and brush your teeth. Never swallow it, it carries the most bacteria and toxins.

Benefits Of Oil Pulling:

-Whitens teeth

-Prevents Cavaties

-Soothes Throat dryness

-Freshens Breath

-Draws Out Toxins

-Heals Cracked Lips

-Helps Detox The Body

-TMJ Relief

I mean what doesn’t coconut oil do? The goal in skincare and oral care, kill all the germs while healing and strengthening at the same time. If you’d like to share some of your tips, I’d love to hear them and comment below! I would love to hear how coconut oil has changed your life!


Keisha Lynne, xx




19 thoughts on “Coconut Oil | How I Use It

  1. Oh coconut oil, how I love thee!! Seriously use it for everything at our house too! I like to dip my rag in it while cleaning wood furniture instead of using polish. Smells great!


  2. There was a time when Coconut oil was a savior for me. After reading your post I wonder how I forgot about it! My mom still makes sure to apply a few drops of coconut oil to keep her skin moisturized. I think now I am going to use it again in as many ways as possible. Thanks for reminding me of this natural multi-tasker 🙂


  3. I LOVE coconut oil because it has so many versatile uses and it’s natural and healthy. I especially love using it in cooking, I’ll have to start trying out some of these other awesome things to use it for too – it definitely helped after I got my first tattoo to keep the ink fresh and smooth. 🙂


  4. I love this! I oil pull, too (although I miss a few days here and there) and most recently I have been using coconut oil on my face every night which I love and use it as a lip balm, too. I really want to try to put it my hair as a moisturizer…. so that’s my next trial run with coconut oil! Thanks for this!


  5. Wow – no idea. Wish I was on this wagon when I had my babes crawling, but luckily I didn’t have too many skin issues with them – or maybe I’ve blocked those stressful moments out – yay for mama-brain. That coffee deal sounds so delish – totally up my alley. Thanks so much. Looking up coconut oil to put in my online shopping cart!!


  6. I started using coconut oil for my hair, skin and even putting a teaspoon in my smoothies, it’s great for so many reasons. Thanks for sharing!


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