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DSC_0664Ella’s been super spoiled, being surrounded by so many amazing, rad brands across the Fraser Valley. These days it’s all about shopping local, shopping small. I understand the value and purpose which is why I’m so passionate about trying my best to do just that. Knowing I’m making a difference and will be satisfied with quality is so worth it to me! I’ve also made a bunch of really sweet friends while doing it!

Clothing has defiantly changed for Littles, its become much more trendy and outfit styles have gotten way more fun! I’m taking full advantage of bibs, headbands, cute leggings and tees. Before I know it Ella will be to old, and me dressing her won’t be cool!


Whistle & Flute

Created and handmade designed by husband and wife duo, Ryan and Miranda. They are original in their prints and style, making modern and trendy unisex children’s and adult apparel. Locally made and gotta say the comfort of their tees are just perfect!

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Whistle&Flute Website / Whistle&Flute Instagram / Whistle&Flute Facebook

Tiny Button Apparel

Conceived in May 2015 by owner and designer Jaime. She’s brought to life an apparel line for children, bringing trends and style to apparel that she herself would want to wear. Tiny Button Apparel offers leggings, rompers, beanies, headbands and scarves. Locally operated out of Vancouver, B.C!

Follow Along At:

Tiny Button Website / Tiny Button Facebook / Tiny Button Instagram

 Vanessa Engelbrecht Photography



image-17 DSC_0557



Moccasins | Mini Moc

Leggings & Headband | Tiny Button Apparel

Tees | Whistle & Flute

Drool Bib | Mawdsley Loves & Whistle & Flute


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