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It’s been safe for me to say that up until just recently I have been lucky enough to eat and drink whatever my heart and tummy desired! I’m not sure if after all these years my ‘older’ ever-changing body has caught up with me, but lately it just hasn’t been the same. I’ve started to get serious about changing my diet. Just a little and slowly cutting out gluten & dairy just to see how much those things affected me.

Well, that’s of course easier said than done. I would end up getting so frustrating at reading labels I would walk out of the grocery store with just veggies and fruits. Which is totally fine, but I LOVE food. My body needs more and craves more. Nourish Curated Wellness Box is helping me find more of what I’m looking for! This company is located in my home province of Nova Scotia. Recently launching November 2015 by the two lovely professional nutritionists Stephanie McWilliams and Emily Bush.


These two ladies have your best interest in mind when putting together your wellness subscription box. They make it easy for you to try and find snacks, supplements and superfoods. No matter what your diet may be, they’ve got you covered. Nourish Curated Wellness Box wants to help make it easier for you to eat clean food and to nourish your body!

You’ll find 4 different options online. Starting with the 7 Day Nutrition Program for $29Nourish Grande for $99 suitable for 6 people, Nourish Customized for $99 this program offers one on one with the nutrition coach + custom built boxes and then lastly the One Year of Nourish for $199 !

I was very impressed with the amount and quality that came in my Nourish. Grande Box. There were goodies for the whole family, some new to us and some familiar like Love Child Organics! It’s nice knowing that all the products fit into our diets. Since excluding a few things and being picker with items that we are eating I really am starting to notice a difference and I’m feeling much better. I’m so happy to have been able to get what we needed from Nourish. If you ever have any questions or concerns I definitely recommend catching up with the talented ladies at Nourish. Your body will love your for it!

Special Offer DISCOUNT CODE ‘KEISHA’ for $5 OFF


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Nourishing the mind and body is crucial for living and performing optimally. Focusing on consistent additions and positive reinforcement to create sustainable and lifelong changes.

-Stephanie Mcwilliams, RD




Keisha, xx




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