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To say that I didn’t feel like a princess wearing this beautiful Sutie Skirt would’ve been a lie. There is just something so powerful and confident about dressing up and letting your inner girly, girl shine through. I’m known for my basic tees and denim because, well, it’s comfy and easy. But if I have a reason to put on heels and a skirt I’m doing it!

Sutie Skirts are a local Vancouver creation, by the lovely and very talented fashion designer, Alexa Suter. You might already know her from her lovely Blog Love Alexa. She writes everything from her worldly travels, fashion advice & trends as well as bright beautiful things going on in life. Alexa’s motto is “Chase your passion and Live your dreams”. She did just that by creating Sutie Skirts, it’s been a passion of hers for some time and she’s made it reality!

I had the pleasure of wearing La Parisienne. It fit me like a glove to say the least. The high waist and midi silk lining inner skirt. Flowing with a silk chiffon exterior tulle and a perfect added touch the lovely silk bow that trailed behind me on the back. Also a nice added feature was the double over-lay of tulle that gives this skirt the perfect bounce of volume.

Each skirt is made from high quality 100% silk fabrics sourced from the worlds most luxurious mills and handcrafted in Canada. Alexa has created something very beautiful for women and giving them confidence in something they can wear to chase their dreams in, all while still looking elegant and unique. One thing that I did love is how versatile these skirts really are, dressing it up however you like. Either casual or dressy, it’s for you to use your own sense of style and create your perfect way of wearing it!

How will you be dressing up this New Year’s? I highly recommend strutting your stuff in Sutie Skirts, they also offer fast deliver…



Real Life with Littles.. Owen you could find in the background doing jumps on the stairs!


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9 thoughts on “Sutie Skirts

  1. The skirt is absolutely beautiful! You look great in it. I won’t be going anywhere special for New Year’s eve just a quiet evening at home but if I were I would love to wear something like that.


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